Friends' 50 Club

                                                             Friends 50 Club

The Friends Of All Saints' run a “share-lottery” type scheme called the ’50 Club’. The scheme operates with individuals purchasing a share (£60 per year or £5 monthly) against which a number between 1 and 50 is allocated. Each month there is a draw “lottery style” and 3 numbers chosen. There are three cash prizes awarded against each winning number.

  Recent 50 Club Draw Winners:

                                Sept  2018:            1st    20        2nd      2,         3rd      49

                                August  2018:        1st    24        2nd     16,        3rd      15


           There are now 3 spare numbers available, please contact Ian Connolly 744611 for details.

If you are interested in joining the 50 Club please email for more information. Or perhaps you may be interested in coming along to support one of our Friends Of All Saints' Events.